• How To Transport Decanter?

    Decanter is a fragile item. Everyone wants to have a whole decanter without any chipped. We saw a lot of ones that are come without important parts, etc. In our case decanters have double protective wrap: lodgment and package with a special design. You can use our inner parts when you are moving. Packaging that […]
  • How To Care For Glass Whiskey Decanter?

    Kemstood knows all about glassware. Today’s information is all about the practical use of glass: problems, care, storage, clean. Before you want to know about it read what is glass. What is glass: a mixture of sand and soda or potash. What can be added to glass: lead to making it crystal clear. Kemstood knows […]
  • How To Choose The Right Whiskey Decanter For Alcohol Drinks?

    How to drink whiskey from decanter? For beverage purpose decanter is the best way to open flavors of your favorite drinks. Wine decanters do not have special seals as whiskey decanters. Decanting is a specific process that removes sediment from the drink. You need to choose the right decanter for alcohol drinks. For whiskey, we […]
  • How To Choose Glass – Glass Quality For Decanters

    Choosing the right whiskey decanter for your needs The first time you pour the drink in a separate container will be the start point to the newest time spending with decanters. Decanters are special carafe for whiskey and other types of beverages. Decanting becomes a luxury testing experience from a favorite whiskey bottle. Why do […]
  • What Materials Are Used For Decanter?

    Decanters are usually made from crystal clear lead-free glass. They are made by skilled artisans, which blown this type of carafe. Several fabrics make machine type decanters, but they lose uniqueness and quality. Some decanters produce from cut glass or crystal. They are beautiful but could contain some chemical ingredients that are nor safe for […]
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