Buyer’s Guide for Classic Decanters

Decanters are classic bar accessories that are used to hold liquor. Beyond this, decanters can also serve aesthetic purposes, giving your home that luxury feel. This decanter’s buying guide highlights all the essential information you need when shopping for the decanter.

History of Decanters

Decanters have been in use for centuries. In the old process of making wine, it was usually tedious to remove sediments from the wine. To control this, the wine was decanted to get the pure parts of the wine. This is the basis of decanters being associated with luxury since it gives the best part of the wine. Apart from this, Decanters also helps with aeration, or as wine lovers often put it, it helps the wine ”breathe” which is said to improve the quality of liquor, especially for drinks like red wine.

For how Long Should a Decanter be used?

This question depends on the quality and type of your decanter. A decanter should ensure that your alcohol is protected from exposure to air as much as possible. This is why they come with airtight stoppers. This stopper seals off excess air from getting into the decanter. As long as both the decanter and stopper are both in good condition, then your decanter is still suitable for use. However, once there is an issue with the decanter or stopper that affects the airtight seal. The quality of liquor stored in the decanter is compromised, and it even begins to evaporate with time.

Factors to looking out for when choosing a set

1.     Size

Before buying a decanter, you should be sure of its size. Decanters come in various sizes and designs. Typically, most decanters can hold a minimum of about 750ml of liquor. However, you probably want to get something that can hold 900ml and above so you can rest assured the decanter can hold all your liquor at once.

2.     Material

When it comes to accessories used to store and serve liquor, it is crucial to pay special attention to the manufacturing process’s materials. This is because of the higher tendency of alcohol to react with some of these materials or leeching these materials to form. For instance, the production of decanters and other bar accessories should include only lead-free glass.

Some materials used in the manufacture of luxury decanters include.

  • Hand-Blown Glass

Luxury decanters can be manufactured using hand-blown glass. In most instances, the recommended kind of glass is borosilicate glass, as it is thicker.

  • Handcrafted Wooden Base

Some types also come with wooden bases to give them a more luxurious appeal. The wooden base is often handcrafted using only top-quality wood. However, not all decanter designs come with this base.

Ease of Pouring

Apart from the size, another essential consideration to look out for when choosing a decanter is the decanter’s pouring mechanism. Pouring from a decanter should be easy and controllable. Some decanters come with a spigot allowing you to control the pouring from the decanter. All you have to do is turn on the spigot. However, most decanters are typical grab and pour decanters. So when buying a decanter, you want to look out for your preferred pouring system.


As mentioned earlier, a good decanter should be airtight. By preventing air from getting into the decanter, the flavor and aroma of the liquor are preserved. Also, evaporation of the content of the decanter is prevented. An excellent airtight system requires an efficient stopper. Whether glass or crystal, a good stopper is a vital part of an efficient whiskey decanter set. So before buying a personalized decanter set, you should ensure that it comes with an efficient stopper.


Decanter sets come in various sizes and forms, and you are sure to find something elegant based on your budget. Most decanters cost between $100 and $200. If you are looking for a decanter for regular use, you should find something that costs less. However, more luxurious sets cost more.

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