• Decanters And Carafe What’s The Difference

    Whiskey decanter Whiskey decanters become more popular in recent years. There are a lot of examples of the newest 2020 decanters shaped in form of animals, buffalos, dragons. They are perfect for parties and other explosive ideas occasions. Why do you need decanter instead of simple wine bottle it`s to simple to use bottle without […]
  • Whiskey Or Whisky – Correct Form

    But decanters for all kind of beverages Ancient traditions still hold tightly. Why do we spell whisky, while whiskey is non-American variant? It goes from Scottish and Gaelic to add extra ‘e’ to the known word. This tradition was taken to the America in 1700-s with Irish immigrants. We in Kemstood try to save huge […]
  • Modern Decanters And Carafe

    Kemstood decanters are personalized beverage carafe for every interior of home and bar. It is special wide-mouthed glasses for holding beverages. Kemstood globe whiskey decanters sets contain different style carafe: Set of Crystal Decanter and Old Fashioned Car Stand. Globe decanter without glasses, but in the set with extra items. Globe decanters with 2 glasses […]
  • Decanters Material And Decanting Process By Kemstood

    Usage of stylish home and bar accessories Traditional decanters could be a great decision for home or bar accessories, but let us check to understand about style preferences. It is many years ago chine jug was an interesting decision for beverages. It allows you to pour whiskey, bourbon, liquor, scotch, vodka from the chosen carafe […]
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