Decanter Set Cheaper Than 50$ And More Expensive Than 30$

Be the first who taste new decanters for different types of beverages. Our decanter is made of lead-free glass, which helps to save aromas and tastes. Lead-free glass is a type of SAFE glass, instead of crystal glasses. In this kind of glass every drink will be super delicious.

We call it glasse!

And have glasse for every type of beverages:

  • GLASSE, for whiskey
  • GLASSE, for scotch
  • GLASSE, for bourbon
  • GLASSE, for brandy
  • GLASSE, for liquer
  • GLASSE, for vodka
  • GLASSE, for wine
  • GLASSE, for tequila

Decanters are serving this special purpose – to present unique tasty drinks in them. Beginning from whiskey to tequila you can serve the uniqueness of taste in every decanter set.

We have a decanter set cheaper than 50$ and more expensive than 30$. For every purpose and finance. Our decanters are for different types of personalities. Each one has it its own unrepeatable style. Also, decanters are usually bought as a GIFT, so serves another purpose – to impress someone you want to.

Decanter cheap

That’s true. Comparing to BORK decanter simple decanter is cheap, because made from lead-free glass without any devices. It is aerate beverages in old-fashioned way.

Cheap decanter is still an awesome gift for everyone. It can be Boss, colleague, partner or special person. Buy cheap decanter for relative: mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother. You can always give decanter to your friend, roommate or anyone who is best-one for you.

Cheap glass liquor decanter – as we see everywhere – it is not about our decanters. Our made of expensive lead-free glass, nor cheap one. But our glass is available for everyone. DECANTER SET more expensive than 80$ has wooden (HDF) base. So proofed and qualitative it is engraved with stylish Kemstood brand name. Let everyone know that you have a good taste buying qualitative products.

Quality, style, wow-effect – it is all about our decanters. All about Kemstood. See all the new collection on our website.

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