Decanters And Carafe What’s The Difference

Whiskey decanter

Whiskey decanters become more popular in recent years. There are a lot of examples of the newest 2020 decanters shaped in form of animals, buffalos, dragons. They are perfect for parties and other explosive ideas occasions. Why do you need decanter instead of simple wine bottle it`s to simple to use bottle without stopper, which, by the way, goes with decanters. The bottle can`t stay open for a long time, but decanter can. Besides, whiskey decanters save flavors and tastes for a long time. Decanters that use for serving a lot of types of drinks called carafe. They made in different shapes and styles, such as globe decanter. 

Globe decanter carafe

Decanters that are used for serving different types of beverages called carafe. We offer a unique lead-free carafe that is styled as a globe, square, car, oval. Wineware should be qualitative, as a carafe that we checked. It is made out of lead-free glass by professional artisans. Beverages breathe in it. You can use as aroma effect at your home.

Carafe purposes:

  • Adding oxygen to the beverages
  • Saving tastes and aromas to the beverages
  • To separate the sediment

So, what are the differences between decanter and carafe? The first one is used for wine, whiskey, bourbon or other special drinks. The globe decanter carafe is used for water, fruit water, juices, bourbon, scotch, rum, beer, bourbon, whiskey, gin, vodka, rice vodka or baijiu, brandy, cider and more.

Glass decanter whiskey and beverages

If you want to be as a professional sommelier, use a glass decanter for whiskey and beverages. Imagine that you are dining at your home, comfortable seat in your lounge-chair, and look at the newest whiskey decanter set on your table. Then you gently lift a decanter from the base, take out the stopper, and pure flavored liquid from the crystal-clear lead-free decanter bottle into the glass in common style. Perfect!

Bar decanter sets

For those unforgettable moments, bar decanter sets were made. Sets include unique whiskey decanter in a different style each, also glasses, but not everywhere – read attentively – wooden stand, bottle stopper, pouring funnel, and others in different offers. Thousands of satisfied clients wrote a lot of happy reviews. Come on and join them on our website here or in Amazon shop. By the way, now available the opportunity to read useful and entertainment posts on Facebook, and quickly make your best decision right on the page.

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