Modern Decanters And Carafe

Kemstood decanters are personalized beverage carafe for every interior of home and bar. It is special wide-mouthed glasses for holding beverages. Kemstood globe whiskey decanters sets contain different style carafe:

  • Set of Crystal Decanter and Old Fashioned Car Stand.
  • Globe decanter without glasses, but in the set with extra items.
  • Globe decanters with 2 glasses and with 4 glasses.
  • Sooner we will propose more sets of unique decanters.

As you can see there is a huge number of modern decanters and carafe on the Internet. You will see more examples of modern decanters for whiskey, rum, brandy, liquor, and more. Glass globe decanters win the first price – hearts of beverage lovers. You can upgrade your home or bar with modern decanters and carafe for drinking enthusiasts.

Whiskey decanter for home

Mix and match different collection sets. We offer decanters that are standing with each other perfectly. Every made of lead-free glass. We wrote about the lead-free glass in the latest post. You will get, why a huge number of whiskey enthusiasts suggest safe glass.

Globe decanters for bar or office

Decanters are perfectly matched for bar or office. There are a lot of items that you can buy to complete modern interiors. It is an ideal opportunity to present alcohol, not in brandy bottles, but to pour it into stylish modern decanters and carafe for guest pleasure. For topical interiors, there is whiskey decanter globe. It formed like a globe decanter with silver frost world map on it.
You can put decanters on bookshelves, tables, coffee, and office tables or hide them in a special secret place. When your quests will come, you`ll open decanters and present them for stylish time spending. There a re a lot of ways and variants on how to keep decanters. You just need to choose which one you desire more.

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