Tips for Choosing a Whisky Decanter

Are you looking to get a whisky decanter? There are some important considerations to look out for before making a choice. Check out some important considerations to look out for when choosing a whisky decanter in this article.

Wine Decanters Vs. Whisky Decanters

For wine, decanting was originally to remove sentiment and improve the exposure of the wine to air thereby aiding oxidation or as some wine experts simply call it, allowing the wine to “breathe”. However, this is not exactly the case for whiskey. Whiskey does not change so much on exposure to oxygen, although these changes become very significant on prolonged exposure to air.  Some of the reasons why whiskey does not change like wine are the alcohol content of both liquor and tannin. Wine has relatively high levels of tannins while whisky does not contain any tannins at all. These tannin levels are also responsible for the variation in the taste of wine.

The alcohol levels of both liquors is another important factor that affects their oxidation levels. Typically, wine usually contains between 11 and 15% alcohol. Whisky, on the other hand, contains at least 40% alcohol. These high alcohol levels reduce the level of oxidation that occurs with whisky. Although, some extreme temperature changes would more likely cause notable changes.

The difference between wine and whisky decanter is largely due to the differences between both liquors. Wine decanters should ensure exposure to oxygen to improve the flavor of the wine. For whisky decanters, there is no need to ensure as much exposure to oxygen as too much exposure might negatively affect the quality of the liquor. Whisky does not also contain sediments so the purpose of a whisky decanter is different from a wine.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Whisky Decanter

1.     Size

When choosing a whisky decanter, the size of the decanter unit is a very important consideration. Decanters come in different shapes and sizes and making a choice should depend on the size of your home bar and the amount of liquor you are looking to store per time.

2.     Budget

Apart from the size of the decanter, it is also important to look for a decanter that fits into your budget. Decanters come in various forms and designs and various factors go on to influence the price of a decanter. Top luxury decanter sets are most likely going to cost more than the average market price. Also, crystal decanters cost more than glass decanters.

3.     Materials used in Manufacturing

The two most common materials used in manufacturing bar accessories are glass and crystal. Crystal decanters are mostly clearer than glass decanters allowing you to see the content of the decanter very clearly. This way you can better appreciate the color and tone of the whisky. Also, the cut-glass comes with unique designs that give the glass improved aesthetic appeal.

4.     Stopper

The stopper is another important consideration to look out for when choosing a whisky decanter. Cork stoppers are good ways to keep the oxygen out. However, the problem with this material is its durability. The alternatives are glass and crystal stoppers. Stoppers that come with a rubber gasket also have higher efficiency in keeping oxygen out of the decanter. Apart from this improved efficiency, the rubber gasket also gives the decanter a more sophisticated look.

5.     Decanter Set

When choosing a decanter, you should also look out for the content of the entire set. Most manufacturers pack the decanter alongside some other essential bar accessories giving you a bargain. Some of these sets come with rock glasses for whiskey to make a complete set.

In conclusion, choosing a whisky decanter is often not as straightforward. However, the first important point to note is the distinction between a wine and a whisky decanter. Once you clearly understand the difference between both, especially with respect to how they affect the quality of your liquor, you can then go on to choose a whisky decanter based on the other considerations. However, a good decanter doesn’t just help improve the quality of your liquor, it also gives a luxury presentation and touch of class to your home bar.

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