Whiskey Or Whisky – Correct Form

But decanters for all kind of beverages

Ancient traditions still hold tightly. Why do we spell whisky, while whiskey is non-American variant? It goes from Scottish and Gaelic to add extra ‘e’ to the known word. This tradition was taken to the America in 1700-s with Irish immigrants. We in Kemstood try to save huge heritage of decanters’ roots and culture, so made significant research to bring results to you. 

It`s not the spelling thing why whiskey and not whisky. 

Using ‘e’ is of the sense of American whiskies. But not only spelling is considered. 

What`s the difference between Scottish, American and Irish whiskey:

  • Scottish and American are distilled twice
  • Irish is distilled 3 times.

Using peat to make whiskey

In Scotland use peat to dry the malted barley. They use specific peat types to influence the flavor. In final this process gives the taste less smoky and a little lighter. For example, the Ireland whisky makers use peat and produce a smoky taste for a range of products. 

Whiskey and whisky is a question of traditions and culture, but decanters use for all kinds of beverages. Whiskey not is an exception.

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